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Filipinos Love affair with Kakanin


“A thing that doesn’t change with time is a memory of younger days”

-Sheik (Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time)

Rice is a primary staple in the Filipino diet; it is part of our cultural identity that makes us unique. For us Filipinos rice is not a side dish served with savory dishes, it is center of our meals. In any celebration or feasts it is the rice that is the crowning glory, simply because we are not fully satisfied without eating rice.  We revere rice so much that it is not only served as an accompaniment to a hearty meal but through our tradition it has become a meal of its own.

Kakanin is a product of Filipinos love for rice. It is a food mostly made out of glutinous rice, sugar and coconut milk. It might sound simple and quite unappetizing however that is not the case. The simplicity of its ingredients is deceptive but the process and variation of this product is quite complex.  From these simple ingredients springs a myriad variety of “Kakanins” this proves the creativity of Filipino people to create extraordinary things from simple ingredients.

Our love for kakanin goes back even before the pre-colonial era where the Spanish had come to the Philippines to establish their government.  It can be concluded that it was during the time when the Philippines has a free flowing trade with its neighboring Asian countries that Kakanin flourished in the Filipino household. In the Filipinos there is a wide variety of Kakanin for each region has its own “specialty” and even then many households contain trade secrets of the art of making “Kakanin”  It is no wonder therefore that many Filipino people who have come to live in foreign countries have a longing for these native delicacies; because for a Filipino, “Kakanin” is not simply a dessert but it is the symbol for home, memories of childhood and of LOVE …

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