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Chocolate and Vanilla: The Gods and Goddess of Flavor

“There are four basic food groups:  milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and chocolate truffles.”

–       Anonymous

What is it about chocolate? That question alone has the same philosophical conundrum as the question, what is love? However unlike love, chocolate is much more potent.

Chocolate; The single word alone causes your mouth to water, eyes to sparkle in expectation, lips quivering with longing. What is it with chocolate that is so addicting that even those who are allergic to this sweet confection are tempted to cause themselves injury? Or those who wish to lose weight and live healthier are called back to sin, to bask into that sweet goodness?

Even its fragrance alone induces that warm, giddy feeling, a sensual scent that caresses the senses and brings to mind devilish promises of happiness.  The smell of chocolate fires up your imagination, filling you with longing of that bittersweet flavor, the earthy smell of love and desire. And once you give in to that sweet temptation you are transported into a state of pure unadulterated bliss that bite after bite after bite and leaves you with that warm, radiant afterglow , that lasts for hours.

For chocoholics, Chocolate is like a drug. A substance that induces such a state of euphoria that should be made illegal and yet by some miracle from God it isn’t.  A famous quote once said God has angels in heaven and gave chocolate to humans. Frankly if it was illegal then more people are bound to crave for it, after all. We humans have a penchant for the darkest pleasure in life.

For food enthusiasts like me, Chocolate is much more than a drug. It is the God of Flavor; A tall, dark, seductively handsome deity that turns any dessert into a work of pure magnificence. In the epicure world; Chocolate goes beyond just a simple flavor because it is the epitome of flavor which all pastry chefs pay tribute to.  Who could resists the dark confection of moist, warm, delectably soft pastry smothered with dark velvet filling? Or wonderfully plump and juicy strawberries covered with dark chocolate? Or even the simply pleasure of warm rich dark liquid that flows through your throat like ambrosia that is the lifeblood of the Gods?

Chocolate is a substance that is harvested from the Cacao Tree. Its origin dates back over 4000 years. The word “Cacao” is a Mayan word that means “Food of the Gods” it was highly prized and worshipped by the Aztecs that it was used as currency as well as a commodity.  It was revered so much by the Aztecs that even their Emperor Montezuma drank it fifty times a day for its aphrodisiac quality and is quoted in saying Xocolatl: “The divine drink, which builds up resistance and fights fatigue. A cup of this precious drink permits a man to walk for a whole day without food”

Truly nothing is comparable to that dark sweet substance that is chocolate. However if Chocolate is a God then Vanilla is a Goddess.

Vanilla is a flavor that is the complete opposite of chocolate and yet somehow they complement each other. While Chocolate can be likened to that of Mars, A strong, masculine flavor that attacks the senses with its fiery dark temptations. Vanilla is like Venus, a delicate and gentle substance that tickles the senses, its subtle presence creates an impeccable rhythm of flavors that swirl and dance in your mouth in perfect harmony.

Vanilla is a flavoring derived from orchids in the genus Vanilla planifolia native to Mexico. The name “vanilla” comes from the Spanish word “vainilla”, meaning “little pod”.   Its history like the chocolate is filled with passion, mystery, intrigued and piracy.   Two flavors that have the same love story. Their fates intertwined during the fifteenth century when the Totonaca Indians who cultivated the plant were conquered by the Aztecs. Since then they were inseparable.

Chocolate and vanilla are like Yin and Yang, Light and Dark, two flavors that blend perfectly like two sides of a same coin. Here at Five tables Chocolate and Vanilla is a staple in our cakes and native delicacies.  We used these to enhance our creations and give them depth and character.

From these two wonderful substances we are able to create delicacies that can be considered as Food for the Gods.

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