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Cakes and Cupcakes

Five tables: My culinary journey through the world of Cakes, Desserts and other Filipino delicacies.

Hi, I’m Ces Jellicoe I’m a mother, a wife, a business woman and an absolute kitchen wonder (at least that’s what my friends tell me) and I am here now to tell you about my new obsession in life: “Kakanin” (rice cakes) and Cakes! And I hope that you’ll be with me as I make this journey as I aim to bridge two cultures with my love for food.

Food is a sensory experience; it engulfs the senses the same way as fire consumes wood.  There is such an inherent beauty in food; the taste, the smell, the feel and the sound is all unique. Food brings families together, it brings a smile to someone’s face, it nourishes the body and also the soul, truly food is magical! Not to mention delicious!

The reason I started this business is because I want to give joy and pleasure to Filipinos who are longing for a taste of home and to those who are longing for the taste of something unique. This idea has been stirring in my mind like cake batter for over two years.  I started experimenting with different recipes for kakanin (rice cakes) and cakes in our kitchen. My first taste-tasters were my family and friends who were only too happy to give their opinion about my excellent cooking (probably because the food was free).  Their encouragement along with my faith in God had become my inspiration to pursue my passion for cooking.

Ever since I was a child I had always loved food, most especially desserts! I can still remember the very first cake I had ever tasted…

It was on the eve right before my fifth birthday, my parents had bought the cake from Goldilocks, it was mocha flavored filled with all the decoration and frosting that a child could ever want!  I never stopped sneaking into the kitchen to stare at it inside the fridge, admiring its frosting and the sweet chocolate-coffee scent, and when nobody was looking I dipped my finger at it and took my first taste of the sweet, creamy buttery mocha frosting. It took all of my willpower not to eat it right then and there (because I was such a good child back then).

I remembered how anxious I was on my birthday; I waited impatiently while they were still singing the happy birthday song, that’s how badly I wanted to eat that cake. And when the time finally came, and I was given my first slice of that spongy, mocha filled heaven, the first bite made me crave for another, and another until I wound up eating nothing but cake for the entire day! And ever since that day my tastes for cake had never waned, and when it comes to a slice of cake, my heart will always have a soft spot for the creamy mocha goodness.

The first cake I baked was for my boyfriend (now my husband), it was a luscious chocolate cake filled with dark chocolate ganache, the perfect gift for our first valentine’s day! I was not an expert at decorating cakes but I made sure that every mistake I made was filled with love. And even until now with years of experience I make sure that I give my creations my full attention, to impart to them the same level of love as I had given into making that cake.

My background in business studies and customer service as well as my experience as an eBay seller for seven years had inspired me to think about having my own business. With my penchant for food and my passion for business, I started to wonder, if I could use my inherent abilities to start a business that would focus on creating food that will suit every discriminating tastes?

After two years of quite reflection and much food experimentation, the idea for five tables was born one faithful day, while I was on a lunch date with my close friend Ye. We were having a casual conversation about my plans for starting my own little quaint café, with just “five tables” to start with and that was when my dream had finally come into reality.

Five tables also have another meaning, it symbolizes the five basic sense of the human body, which involves sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste, and these five senses are heightened in the presence of good food.

Five tables also symbolizes the five elements; earth; the bearer of the fruits, fire; the element that transforms, metal; the vessel for the ingredients, water; the purifying element, and wood; what my spatula is made off (kidding) the element that feeds fire.

Why do I choose Filipino Food?

I also make various cakes and desserts, which consumes half of my time but I have always had profound respect for the culture and tradition of my country which is why I wanted to create something which symbolizes the Filipino spirit. Filipinos have a deep love for food, our culture is embedded with different kinds of customs that have come from every part of the world. For us food is special and is treated with respect, and much of our pastime is dedicated on talking about food.

My heart has always been gravitated towards making Kakanin, Cakes and Desserts, truth be told I has conceived my two kids while eating bibingka, a Filipino delicacy served during the Christmas time, made out of pure ground rice (galapong) infused with rich coconut milk, topped with salted egg and creamy white cheese.

So come join me towards this savory adventure, where you can engulf your senses with our highly delectable cakes and pastries that will surely tickle your taste buds and satisfy your craving for Filipino food.

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